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Wedding Singer

Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQ #1 - Will Frank travel a long way for my event?

Yes!     Frank loves both travelling & performing. Whether across the road or across the country, Frank will be there.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Frank enjoys travelling to functions within Australia and overseas.

FAQ #2 - What do I need to have Frank at my function?

Not much - all Frank requires is one power point (although he can actually run off batteries if your party is in a hot air balloon!). He supplies everything else - microphones, speakers etc.

Note - if you are planning to have speeches at your event, you are welcome to use Frank's microphone(s) to save you organising another.

FAQ #3 - What does it cost to have Frank at my Wedding, Function or Event?

Probably not as much as you think - Frank's pricing philosophy is: "Lets find an amount that works for both of us".

Because Frank travels in an enterouge of one (ie solo), his cost structure is significantly less than (say) a typical wedding band.

Some other factors that affect pricing are:

      - Length of performance required (ie 20 mins or 5 hours)
      - Metro or Country

The easiest way is simply to email or ring for friendly chat, and we'll find an amount that works for both of us.

FAQ #4 - Where can I see Frank perform?

The best way to find out about Frank's public performances, is to go to Frank's Facebook Page (opens in new window) and click "Like" or "Follow". This is where Frank posts details of his upcoming public performances, shindigs and shenanigans. These details will then appear in your facebook feed.

FAQ #5 - How does Frank like to travel?

Frank's preferred modes of transport (in order) are: hot-air balloon, sports car, speedboat.

FAQ #6 - What does Frank drink?

At the bar after a performance, Frank says "The Shandies Are On Me!"

Ring for a friendly no-obligation chat


0422 726 594